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It's All About The Rate, Right?

Why you should consider more than rate

Interest rates aren’t everything when talking about mortgage loans. Yes, they are important, but they’re pretty small compared to all other remaining factors.

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Rebecca Bartley
How Does Proof of Income Work?

It's not as simple as a couple paystubs

Calculating income for a mortage loan may not be rocket science, but there are rules involved.

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Brian Harris
On "Credit Worthiness"

What if my Partner has Bad Credit?

You're credit is great. Your partner's, not so much. Can you still get a mortgage?

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Adam McAuliffe
Loan Programs 101

The best mortgage programs

How many loan types are there, any way? How can I decide which is best for me?

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Loren Hotchkiss
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Tips For Getting A Good Mortgage

Some info you can use to increase your ability to get a mortgage

After knowing the basic factors about home loans, here are essential tips you should remember in getting the best deal

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Rebecca Bartley